Best Pet Birds to be had by Beginners

If a though about having a pet bird ever crossed your mind, you might be wondering where and how to start acquiring one. Adopting a bird is a bit less common than adopting a dog or a cat, so you might know less about them. On the other hand, birds make great companions and are not hard to take care of, which makes them desired pets. Before you go to online or to a pet store for adoption, educate yourself about types of pet birds. Trust us, you will feel a lot more confident and will be a lot less likely to get a bird bite.

The largest, the most beautiful, loud, and the most expensive birds can prove simply too much to handle for a beginner, so always look for a good breeder with trustworthy reputation or a well-known bird store and talk to people who handle the birds, ask advice, and trust their opinion.

Best Pet Birds

Budgies in ZOO

1. Budgies

Budgies in a Cage

This is a type of blue parakeet. This bird looks stunning with its colors, is on the small side, very friendly, not difficult to care for, and can learn tricks and even saying a few phrases. People tend to undervalue these cute friendly birds, but they are awesome companions and fit most families. Some can even talk, but very silently, so you won't be interrupted at dinner table.

2. Cockatiels

Natural Bird-roosts

This white bird features a cute yellow crown and is very popular specie for family pet birds. There are many other colors besides white, of course. Go for a female if you are just starting and keep in mind that you will need a big cage with lots of entertaining toys, plenty of attention from you, and some free flying time in the house. If you are ready for this type of care, you will have a devout winged friend for up to 30 years.

3. Peach Faced Lovebirds

Bird Toys Cearance

These cuties are not big, fast moving, friendly, and have nothing against living alone. You can take it out easily or watch him play in the cage all day long. Their life span is up to 20 years of great friendship.

4. Parrotlets

The cute green bird provides some high quality companionship and is not very high maintenance. They do require plentiful of time and play from humans, but as a reward are very entertaining. You can teach some individuals to talk, but most of them just whistle. They are not too loud and make great companions.

5. Hyacinth Macaws

Hyacinth Macaws

Strikingly beautiful blue birds are gentle and absolutely friendly. They love hanging close to you or on you and are very sociable, so be ready to spend lots of time with them. Their size requires a big housing, but once you have that in place, they make great pets.

6. Canaries

These little singers come in a wide array of tones and are happy living in their cages for days at a time. They don't enjoy being handled and make perfect pets for households with little kids. If you would like your bird to sing, get a male.

7. Finches

Bird Feeders and Feeds

The beautiful little birds don't like to be handled too much and are perfectly happy in a roomy cage. Make sure you have at least two of them in a cage that is big enough for spreading their wings and taking flight. They are great birds for kids.

8. Quaker Parakeets

Quaker parakeets love to sing and some even talk, so expect lots of chatter. They should be handled carefully and will give you plenty of affection in return for respecting them. These birds are very active and provide lots of entertaining. They might be illegal in some states due to being a threat to crops.

9. Pionus parrots

These parrots have beautiful green, blue, and combination colors and are pretty quiet. They are as beautiful as they are sweet and affectionate. Actually they are often called the sweetest of all pet birds.

10. Pyrrhura Conures

Some varieties of conures are good for new bird owners because they are rather quiet, affectionate, and enjoy some play time. You can even teach them some words and phrases.

11. Amazon parrots

This bird can cost a little more than previously mentioned varieties, but it is very smart, can learn to talk, and offers lots of entertainment in exchange for love from his owner. Make sure you are ready to let them bask in the lime light, they love being centers of attention.

Bird Food

Where to get the food for your parrot? Almost all pet stores sell it. Check Petco, Petsmart and Chewy for the best selection. Download their apps, follow them on Instagram to get a new customer discount. I found that Retailmenot have Chewy Coupons. If you sign up for auto shop you get 30% off plus you can apply an additional 20% off. Even Walmart and Target offer great selection of diet options for parrots.